The Beginning Of Paws 2 Care

The Beginning Of Paws 2 Care

By Sherry Anderson Our Founder;

About  20 years ago I was walking in a 10 acre pasture with my dogs and got down on my  knees and asked God to help me find something to do with my dogs that would give  back part of what I take out of this world.  A few months later I heard  about a therapy test that someone was putting on.  I could hardly wait  to go thru the test and took 3 dogs to be tested. Soon I  realized that I didn’t have the temperament that I needed to do this and once  again I asked the Lord to bring me the dog I needed to be able to do this. He brought me Summer my first Vizsla. She was the best therapy dog ever. I have a lot of stories about what she did to help children and adults that  we visited and also how the Lord brought me other therapy dogs when I  didn’t think I needed them.

The lady that tested me stop doing therapy a couple of years later and I found  myself with a few friends that would like to get dogs thru the test but we  didn’t have a testers in the area, so I did the paper work to become a  tester and got approved. I have helped groups in NC. , VA , Spartanburg and Anderson get started and been a back up for  anything that comes up that they need help with.

After several years I decided to give the group a name and  started sending out emails about what everyone would like to call the group. We went back and forth with the logo and the group name for a year  and half. We had so much fun coming up with the logo and name. Straw vote is how we came up with what we have today.

When  we started in St. Frances almost 4 years ago I once  again asked the Lord to bring me great teams so we could cover this visit.  We now make up a big part of the volunteers going into the  hospital. I love St. Frances, the staff,  patients, families and the volunteer coordinator I work with. They are all  so supportive and love seeing the dogs when we come in.

Paws 2 Care is the name of our local group. We are members of Therapy Dogs Inc. and  this group is not about me or a couple of people. This group is about a  lot of volunteers that make this group what it is today and how they  bring so many smiles to all the people we visit weekly. You never know what the staff has had to deal with that day, what family members  are dealing with and what the patients are going thru. Every volunteer in the group is as important as the next.