Today I saw the face of God

Today I saw the face of God

By: Shirley Littlefield

Today I saw the face of God, I truly did. The little girl could not have been more than four or five years old with the most precious smile and a mass of beautiful brown curls that framed her head like a HALO. She looked so small in that hospital bed, my Borzoi girl named “Pink” who is a therapy dog, gently placed her head under the little girl’s neck caressing and loving her with total abandonment.

The tiny girl wrapped her arms around “Pink’s” neck hugging her tightly. She then closed her eyes and “Pink” closed her eyes and they embraced each other for a minute or two.

No questions, no explanations, no excuses, simply pure love and respect for each other.

Is this not how our Father loves us?

Today I saw the face of God.