By: Barbara Tanner;

We have so many wonderful stories to tell you about the smiles that Therapy Dogs brings to people that I decided to do snippets about our stories.  (Snippets are pieces of stories)

Snippet #1     The elevator at St Francis Hospital is crowded with 1 German Shepherd named Farrah and 3 Labradoodles named Fudge, Lexie and Riley.  Reaching the third floor, the doors open and standing before them were several small wide eyed children shouting “Mama look at all the dogs!”.  It was totally unexpected to see 5 dogs exiting the elevator.  And every one of our dogs received lots of hugs as well as gave many wet kisses!  So you never know what you will encounter on a pet therapy visit.

Snippet #2      On one of our visits to Oakmont Nursing Home we entered a room to find an elderly woman who seemed to be unaware of our presence but we still spent time talking and doing some obedience tricks.   When we left the room and walked down the hall a woman approached; thanked us and said that visit meant more to her mom than we would ever know!  Just when you think a person doesn’t know you’re there you find out it made a huge difference!

Snippet #3      I was having some work done at my house when one of the workers told me he had a son that had been at Shriner’s Hospital a couple of months ago and there was a German Shepherd  named Farrah that had visited his 6 year old son.   He told me his son asks every day if he can go back to the hospital to see Farrah!   Of course I told him Farrah was my dog and his son could come visit us anytime!  It’s a small world!

Snippet #4     A 15 year old girl named Sara had become close to me and Farrah when she learned her grandmother, who helped raise her, passed away.  We made regular visits to this facility and when a group home became available for Sara she had tears running down her cheeks; she would miss the sense of calmness that Farrah brought to her on those visits.  It’s ironic that Farrah who is so laid back and calm can have such an impact on a person’s life!