Compliment Of A Life Time

Compliment Of A Life Time
By Beth Williams;

My name is Jager (pronounced Yager), an extremely laid-back, friendly and loyal Siberian Husky to my owner, Beth.  I’m pretty new to the program but go on as many visits as I can because loving is my favorite thing to do.

I’m not trying to brag but I have to say that I usually get noticed because of my ice blue eyes and striking black and white thick fur but while on a recent visit I wasn’t expecting this kind of compliment.

My pet therapy team entered a unit where I saw a quite elderly woman who wasn’t really paying much attention to any of team.  I walked over to her to asked if we could exchange some joy and smiles when she began to compliment my good looks.  Within minutes she began to sing Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful to Me” Lyrics and continued to sing the entire song, while I sat listening to her quite voice I could see how happy she was and that made me very happy.

Shortly after we had to leave her unit so I thanked her for singing so beautifully to me and making me feel so loved, I just hope I made her feel the same way. Her singing was the compliment of a lifetime for me.

I love going on my visits and love my pet therapy work, I am just not sure who gets more out of these visits, the patients or me!